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Total Recall
2012 – Len Wiseman – Columbia Pictures

Twelve Dates of Christmas
2010 – ABC Television

One Week
2008 - Michael McGowan - Téléfilm Canada

20,000 Leagues under the Sea Pilot
2008 - 20,000 Leagues Productions

The Sentinel
2006 - Clark Johnson - Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

2006- Peter Hewitt- Revolution Studios

Undercover Brother
2002 -Malcolm D. Lee -Universal Pictures

Jett Jackson: The Movie
2001 - Shawn Levy - Alliance Atlantis Communications

Jason X
2001 -James Isaac -New Line Cinema

Harvard Man
2001 -James Toback -Lions Gate Film

Mail to the Chief
2000 -Eric Champnella - Walt Disney Pictures

The Skulls
2000- Rob Cohen- Universal Pictures

2000- Davis Guggenheim- Warner Bros. Pictures

1999- Andrew Fleming- Phoenix Pictures

The Big Hit
1998 -Kirk Wong - TriStar Pictures

A Simple Wish
1997 - Michael Ritchie - Universal Pictures

Fly Away Home
1996 -Carroll Ballard -Columbia Pictures Corporation

The Scarlet Letter
1995 -Roland Joffé -Allied Stars Ltd.

1991 -Oliver Stone-Warner Bros. Pictures

The Magic Show
1983 – Global Television

1982 -Stuart Gillard -AVCO Embassy Pictures

Happy Birthday to Me
1981 -J. Lee Thomson -Columbia Picture Corporation

The Kidnapping of the President
1980- George Mendeluk -Presidential Films

Prom Night
1980 -Paul Lynch -Quadrant Trust Company

Fukkatsu no hi a.k.a. Virus
1980 -Kinji Fukasaku - Haruki Kadokawa Films

Search and Destroy
1979 -William Fruet -Film Ventures International

Starship Invasions
1977 -Ed Hunt -Warner Bros. Pictures

The Clown Murders
1976 - Martyn Burke - Magnum Films

Sudden Fury
1975 -Brian Damude -Film Can

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
1975 -John Trent -Gemstone Entertainment

Black Christmas
1974 - Bob Clark - Film Funding Ltd. Of Canada

The Neptune Factor
1973 -Daniel Petrie -Quadrant Films

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